Joe Biden Laughs, But We’re Not! Dodges Bank Record Questions for Hunter Probe!


Joe Biden laughs off a serious question about his bank records linked to his son's foreign business. He dodges the question, but we're not letting him off the hook!

Folks, listen up! Joe Biden, he’s laughing, okay? He’s laughing when asked about handing over his bank records to Congress. They’re investigating his son’s foreign business dealings, and they want to know if “Sleepy Joe” was involved or made money from it. But what does he do? He laughs it off! Unbelievable!

So, he’s at FEMA headquarters, talking about Hurricane Idalia and the Maui fires, and a reporter asks him a simple question. Kevin McCarthy, great guy, he’s asked for Biden’s bank records. And Biden? He raises his hands, laughs, and says, “Let’s talk about why I’m here.” Dodging the question, folks! He even ignored it when they asked again! Can you believe it?

House Republicans, they’re doing a fantastic job, they’ve found evidence that Biden knew about his son’s business affairs. He’s been denying it for years, but we’ve got FBI documents, okay? These documents say that the CEO of Burisma, that’s in Ukraine, told an informant that both Hunter and Joe got $5 million each for helping with a corruption investigation. And they hid it so well, it would take years to find out. That’s what they’re saying!

Kevin McCarthy, again, fantastic guy, says impeachment is the “natural step forward.” NBC News, they’re saying the White House has a “war room” ready for a likely Republican impeachment inquiry. They’re trying to wall it off so they don’t get “bogged down.” But we’re not letting them off the hook, folks!