Unbelievable! FDA and CDC Kept You in the Dark About Rising COVID Cases Among the Vaccinated!


Uncovered data reveals a shocking truth! Seniors who got vaccinated are still getting COVID-19! The FDA and CDC knew about it and said NOTHING! It's a disgrace!

Folks, listen up! We’ve got some BIG news that you won’t believe! The U.S. health agencies had some data, and guess what? They didn’t show it to you! That’s right! They kept it a secret! Humetrix Cloud Services, a company hired by our great military, did some digging into the COVID-19 vaccine data. And what they found is shocking!

They found that a lot of seniors who got vaccinated were still getting COVID-19! Can you believe it? For the week ending July 31, 2021, 73% of COVID-19 cases among people 65 and older were in those who were vaccinated! And these folks were 80% fully vaccinated at that time!

And it gets worse! The people who got vaccinated early? Their infection rates were TWICE as high compared to those who got vaccinated later. And let’s talk about hospitalizations. They found that 63% of the COVID-19 hospitalizations in seniors were among the fully vaccinated! “Protection against hospitalization was also fading,” they said. Unbelievable!

Dr. Bettina Experton, the big boss at Humetrix, sent all this info to the FDA. She said the vaccine effectiveness against infection was just 33% and against hospitalization, it dropped to 57%. And guess what? The FDA and CDC didn’t say a word about it! They kept promoting the vaccines like they were the best thing since sliced bread!

This is a disaster, folks! The FDA and CDC should’ve been transparent about this! But thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we now know the truth! And let me tell you, it’s not pretty!